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Being a parent of two

Being a parent of two children that went there for three years. I can tell you what has happened. All of our Middle Schools and High Schools here have a section in the school for "Resource officers". When a fight breaks out it is left up to the officers to deal with it according. It is not up to the principal anymore to call the parents of the parties involved and for the parents to come to the school to talk to the principal. The resource officers will call the parents and have them come Right Then. The parents are told the child/children involved will have to go to Juvenile court. They will have to go and see a officer of the court and that person makes the decision if the case goes to the juvenile court or not. If, not the officer of the court will hand down the punishment for the crime. Then, the school decides what as far as they go what the punishment is for suspension or expulsion. To all parents out there, please explain this to your newcoming middle schoolers. If they are to get into a fight with someone who stalked them, and then came at them first. They have to stand there and get beat up. They can't defend their selves at all. If they hit the person back they will be charged with Affray. Then they will get 10 days out of school suspension and go to juvenile court and get 24 hours community service. So, what are we teaching our children? Stand there and take it versus fight your way outta it? At least enough to get away and find a teacher/staff member? These kids these days wanna kill not hurt. It is violent in those schools anyway you put it. I feel for them all.


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