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So right...

You are so right, schools are violent places. This is the fault of schools that refused to take action against the ones who were causing the trouble in the first place. They let the gangs rule, because they did not want to get sued for putting the gangs out of business. You can also blame law enforcement because they were to scared to raid places like Creekwood and shut them down. Maybe if would have locked up a bunch of them with no plea bargins from the DA's office and good long sentences in prison with no parole they might learn. Finally blame the parents and hold them accountable for what their idiot children do. Make it cost them tons of money, and cut off their welfare payments if their children cause trouble. I think a good way to punish people like this is to declare them mentally defective and shoot them up with thorazine and lock them up in a mental ward, because normal people do not act like this. Normal people do not sell drugs, normal people do not run with gangs, and shoot people just because of the colors they wear or where they live. Tell me if I am wrong, because normal people who follow the law do not act like this.


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