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Is this how Government Officials scam the system?

Is this how Government Officials scam the system?

***driving with license revoked citation was dismissed.
Was he driving with a valid permit?
was it revoked?

***speeding charge was reduced from 41 miles per hour to 34 a 25 mile per hour zone.

Did he "go back in time" to reduce how fast he was going?
Would a child he killed driving that fast be able to have their injuries "reduced" to loss of legs instead of death?

This is an pure and explicit example of political cronyism.

What would the average citizen receive for Driving almost Twice the posted safe speed limit with a revoked license? This creep needed to be sent to jail.

If I were an attorney in Wilmington, I would make note of show disparity in treatment if their client received anything more than this farcical punishment.

Maybe the judge in this case has some sort of land deal which needs to be adjudicated by the board. you scratch my back..I'll look the other way. way to go criminals.


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