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I grew up in a school system that used spankings

until we were in middle school. Then they banned it. Could you tell a difference? Oh yes. I'll admit even my smart arsed mouth got a little more smart arsed knowing the punishment would be writing sentences over and over or a day in detention (basically an all day study hall in which you do your assignments) versus having my arse scorched by an Assistant Principal who was quite adept at it. Things went from bad to worse and a couple of years later, a classmate even murdered another classmate. Obviously the threat of being paddled wouldn't have stopped a killing but you get the idea. We were the group that was in the rowdy age range when these types of punishments were ended so some of us took advantage of it and lost our minds for a while. The new punishments just didn't persuade us.

All that said, this was 25 years ago and if I were a teacher, I wouldn't dare paddle a student today. Between kids with guns and knives who don't mind using them and over-protective helicopter parents, you'd be taking your life in your hands to paddle a student. I just hope Columbus County's school administrators do a better job than those who were in charge when mine ended paddling. The new punishments better be an even bigger threat than a paddling.


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