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Good Job School Board

Good job school board!!! Way to go!! Woo Hoo!!

I am feeling really great about your rush to judgement on firing a coach over an "Alleged" assault on students. I mean, come on, these students did not get all the breaks growing up.

Subsidized housing, food stamps, welfare money, stealing things that don't belong to them, sexually, physically and mentally harassing students and teachers, suspended criminal sentences because the judge was trying to give them a break, Obama phones, crackhead moms and not to be seen dads so they are raised by their 3rd grade education grandmothers, who clearly failed any attempts of parenting these knuckleheaded theives.

Good job school board. Your decision perpetuates the cycle. This time it is a coach, next time, it will be a kid who is tired of being bullied, brings a gun to school and THAT student will "fix" what Coach Brown was trying to teach, instill and prevent.

Perhaps that tragedy will be as big as firing a man, who defends himself in the course of a fight because some thieving ass hat steals something that does not belong to him. The only mistake that the coach made, from my prespective, is he left witnesses.


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