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Anything but that....

please spare us the "progressives and modern thinking." Seriously, anything but that. The last two place you Rust Belt refugees brought "progressives and modern thinking," SoCal and Florida, they're now losing US born population. The "backwoods thinking" created the society to which you chose to flee and choose to stay after you and your parents destroyed your own. I think the South had it correct before you "progressives" arrived.

What did you win exactly? 100,000 more dead troops than the South, a peaceful surrender with no loss of territories and the South put its Senators and Representatives back on the Hill a year or so later - not much of a victory. Nobody won. Even the slaves who were freed found themselves destitute and the ones who went up North seeking salvation found themselves treated as badly as they were on the plantation. The ones who stayed ended up in a debtor/sharecropper system. The people who "won" still wanted cheap cotton.


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