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Sactimonious foo-faa

Been religious all my life but well intentioned people like yourself sometimes make me twitch. Who put you in charge of telling us what God wants or telling us how to feel or what to do? Well intentioned or not, that often comes across as sanctimonious foo-faa.
- Not all bad things are a test of faith or are part of something good happening. That's like saying God planned for Adam and Eve to commit original sin.
-This man suffered so much from the pain he caused he tried to take a deputy's gun after he caused all of this suffering.
- When someone commits a crime, we have authority here on earth to take control, not just leave it to God.
- We should lift him up? Sometime a man has to hit rock bottom first before he's capable of even wanting to be lifted up. A just punishment will give him plenty of time to work on that.
- You were just getting to know Mr. Campbell? Perhaps you were just getting to think that you knew Mr. Campbell. Good people are sometimes totally unaware of how bad another person might actually be.


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