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Parents Can't Help what their children do

I agree that Parents can not control what their children do...but then we have to look back when we were raising them and try to figure out what went wrong?? Did I give into their wishes to much? Did I not spank them over the right things?
I am not saying that the parents caused this to happen..but we have to own up to what we did wrong...and stop doing it right on and right on...(bailing them out of jail every time they do something wrong and them tell us.."it wasn't was someone else".)
I don't agree that this girl's "Time" was up...It talks in the Bible about people dying before their we don't know when her "time" was..then or years from now...
As for the family has dealt with kids on Drugs...but they haven't used the excuse of their drug habit to justify killing someone...and some HAS BEEN on some really bad stuff..
This young man does not have any remorse over the things he has done...(in the past, now or EVER!!)He has a son that is going to have to live with the things his dad has done...What away to have to remember your dad....
Yes, Lloyd Needs Prayers....lots of them...I hate to think about if he should get the Death Penalty...I PRAY FOR HIS SOUL!!


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