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In otherwards

He just made an idiot of himself once again. I swear I dont know whot he bigger idiot in office is anymore.. Charlie Warren or Berger.. Since Brian has been quiet for the most part lately I have to give the edge to the Wanna Be Marion Barry of Brunswick county Charlie "everybody is out to get me and a racist" Warren.

Charlie, take a good long hard look in the mirror. YOU are the racist my friend nobodyelse.. You abused your power on the DSS board repeatedly. You refused to even try to work out a compromise with the other members of the board despite being told it was a conflict of interest that you were perpetuating. The rules apply to you like everybodyelse.. You dont get a free pass to do whatever you want simply because you are African-American. Your arrogance is beyond reprehensible and I assure you the voters of Brunswick County will see to it that you are no longer in a position of power collecting tax payers money as soon as it is possible to do so.


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