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conservation, water and a joke!

Commizzioners get the point?

Not here! No they don't. They just kick problems down the line until they get out of hand. Thats the point Commissioner Brian Berger Jr. made pointing out the folly of the Rick Catlin, Jim ?Quinn, Jason Thompson original cast and crew at CFPUA. Berger fought for lower rates for everyone, last year as a CFPUA member, not subsidies for a few of the many struggling. Or the real problem, subsidies for special interests and developers of real estate.

It doesn't take a genius to see "loose cannon" Berger espouse basic common sense and 2nd grade mathematical principles. Despite his keen observations and cost-cutting ideas, he was lambasted as not caring.

Berger is the only one who cares. Update, Berger was the only one on the panel who cared and Ted Davis, Thompson, Quinn, the criminals behind the CFPUA, are back in charge with the one bright spot, Berger, kicked off (is this right?) for criticizing rate increases of 10% or more per year in this economy.

Quinn and Thompson as the old couple before Barfield and Thompson's marriage in heaven created this problem, then in a an effort to discredit Berger led by Louise McColl, her minions Thompson, Barfieled, wanda Copley, Saffo, Haynes, Tomey, Sheriff McMahon, Ben mccoy, ben David , Sandra Criner, they (and the media megaphone McColl uses) make you think Berger is this mean evil criminal, in fact, its those like Catilin and Thompson who created and benefit from a system that raises rates 10-15percent a year (inflation is what, 3%). Berger was kicked off without cause other than working to keep rates down. The Red Star and most liberal media outlets, who love rick "convention center" catlin and other big government wolves in sheeps clothing like Barfield and Davis, Thompson and Bruce Shell don't want to report the facts. If they did, there'd be a mob outside of city hall with pitchforks.


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