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Questions, questions, questions...

1. Why did this story linger for almost three weeks before it burst on the national scene? Were they worried about it knocking the phony-baloney "War on Women" out of the headlines? Is this the latest orchestrated event, trying to call back straying Blacks and convince them to vote for Obama?

2. Why does the media insist on using this VERY old photo of Martin, portraying him as a little kid, when he was nearly a grown man?

3. Why is his mamma SOOOO upset with his death that she's trademarking "I am Trayvon: nad "Justice for Trayvon?"

4. Why is the White House and Eric Holder suddenly mute when it comes to the Black Panthers putting out a $1 million bounty on Zimmerman?

This is an unfortunate yet rather insignificant local murder that is being escalated by the left-wing in an attempt to revive their long-dead war on firearms and self-defense. There is NOTHING in the Florida law that undermines the basic requirement for applying deadly force, and if Zimmerman is judged to have failed to meet those requirements, his case will be presented to a grand jury and he will likely be indicted.

If he is indicted, goes to trial and is convicted, you won't see White or Hispanics rioting and burning Sanford Florida to the ground. If, however, he is not indicted or is acquitted at trial....

....well, let's just say that a double-standard IS very much alive in this country.


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