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Mr. Vigilanty

I have said it before and I will say it again, Guns in the hands of the untrained and unskilled is nothing but and will never be anything but trouble. Mr. Zimmerman as it may turn out was on the receiving end of an ass kicking. He started it when he decided to go against the warnning of the 911 dispatcher and got out of his truck and persued Mr. Martin. Mr. Zimmerman, who must be very poor at hand to hand combat and in poor physical condition, may have by his own fault gotten himself into a situation where he may have thought this kid that is 100 pounds lighter than me is whipping my ass in 30 seconds so I must pull my 9mm and just kill him. If Mr. Zimmerman had not been armed he may very well not have been so embolden to go against orders and this situation may not have occured. The police may very well have detained Mr. Martin at the back entrance of the subdivision, checked him out and let him continue home with his Skittles. Our police have a very important roles in society. They dont need these over weight skin head vigilanties protecting anything or any body. These guys need to go back to the Vol. Fire Departments and wash trucks!! Now before everybody starts calling me an on my knees liberal, please know that defending a home from the boggey man is resonable but having these nuts running around playing Vol. Armed Public defender is just crazy stuff.


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