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Zimmerman is a coward, those who sit behind their computers to vent their racist comments fed by ignorance are cowards. I'm sure most who come online making useless comments have 'black friends' just like Zimmerman. Trayvon was unarmed and minding his business. His character is irrelevant to what happened. Until someone proves he was entering or exiting Zimmerman's vehicle or home, I will continue to keep my belief that he was racially profiled by a total idiot, wannabe cop. There is no proof that he broke Zimmerman's nose nor any other fabrication that has 'leaked' from Zimmerman's mouth. Justice for Trayvon, I wouldn't wish the pain of his family on my worst enemy. Also in this ol' great country we are innocent until proven guilty, and the Sanford justice system is the true failure, however I stick to my opinion. Trayvon didn't get the chance to be innocent due to stupid people, he was judged unfairly. :)


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