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the problem is

Mr. Zimmerman should not have followed Trayvon. The 911 responder told him to stop following him. (It has now come out that Sandford's mayor insisted on making those tapes public, against the desire of the police dept. and city attorney to not release them.)Mr. Zimmerman's attitude is also suspect because of the way he was talking about Trayvon on that tape. Mr. Zimmerman also has a record of violence. If a man began following me like that I would get very nervous. Unless he is an authority (i.e. law enforcement) I don't need to tell him why I am walking in the neighborhood. I know young teens; if this happens to them where someone begins following them my advice would be dial 911 and keep them on the line -- at least that way the authorities will hear what's going on. With these smart phones most folks have, I'd also advise them to video the person, for the record.


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