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Elizabeth Redenbaugh

I am disgusted by the actions of the Hickeys. I am equally disgusted by the comments on this page. Elizabeth Redenbaugh did not switch to the Democratic party to "win votes". She switched parties because she felt that the values of the party were more in line with her own. Let's see....Elizabeth Redenbaugh is an educated, hardworking woman who was elected to represent ALL of the children of New Hanover County. When she did that she was attacked by her OWN party. She was attacked for doing the right thing for ALL of our children. I am so glad that I am not a member of a party that would do that. Elizabeth believes that ALL children deserve an equal education. Imagine that...someone who cared about people of ALL races and ALL socio-economic groups and was willing to stand up for those beliefs...and she was a Republican! Yes, it was hard for me to believe too! Because of Elizabeth's character, I supported her and VOTED for her when she was a Republican.I can't wait to vote for her now that she is a Democrat!She didn't need to switch parties to get my vote. I know that might be a foreign concept to many of you....a citizen who is educated, who knows the facts and votes for the right person no matter what their party.
The worst part of all of this is that it is the SCHOOL BOARD, for heaven's sake. How do we expect our children to learn to behave with role models like this? Taking a person's web domain...their NAME..and diverting internet users to some obnoxious , hateful site. Shameful! Elizabeth Redenbaugh is the finest example of a role model that I know. She is an educated woman who is an excellent wife, mother, daughter and friend. She serves our community with honor, distinction and most importantly,COURAGE. Watch her acceptance speech when she was honored with the JFK Profile in Courage Award.Listen to her words. She gets more done in one morning that most people get done in a week.You people should be ashamed of yourselves for attacking this woman. I just hope that there are enough of us out there who are trying to raise our children to be like Mrs. Redenbaugh, since the alternative is so pathetic.
By the way...I am not a relative of Mrs. Redenbaugh, nor a close friend. I know her from church and from the school community. From my interactions with her ,and from what I have learned about her from mutual friends ,I have grown to admire her very much.I will not stand silently by while she is attacked. Shame on all of you and shame on the Hickeys.


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