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Mr. White was a good person.

Mr. White was a good person. He might have did or said some things that a teacher isn't suppose to say or do to a student. He's the best teacher I've known even though he was a little off sometimes he was cool and caring and motivated me when I needed it most and made sure I was okay and doing good in school. To me he isn't guilty . Everybody has a voice and the student should speak up and say no what you're doing is wrong unless they accepted it then it's wrong for the both of them but if he kept messing with them then there is a problem. This justice system and government is so messed up. It's taking them forever to find Zimmerman guilty when they know dog on well that young boy did nothing to him but when it comes to just someone saying a teacher did something to them oh they are right on it but anyways they need to do a whole investigation before they say he is guilty of anything the student could be lying just to get him fired for all they know.


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