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Perennial Candidate

Perennial Candidate? Why? Are you better off today than you were when I first ran for political office in 1997? Gas then $1.00/gallon. Now $4.00/gallon. National debt then $ 4.5 T, Now $ 15 T. 911 which no one believes the government version. Attack Iraq and Afghanistan to kill Al-Queda by Congress unConstitutionally giving authority to President for reasons proven inaccurate. In last year president has decided to kill Americans without due process of law, unConstitutional. NDAA which classifies Americans as potential terrorists which can be locked up forever without due process of law in violation of US Constitution 5,6 Amendments. Uncovered by Big Media Obama's March 16 Executive Order National Defense Resources Preparedness which allows the military confiscate, steal anything they want from citizens and corporations without due process of law. Sanctions which do noting except promote communi$m and increase the price we pay for gasoline. A constant threat to attack Iran with no talk of Congress declaring war on Iran as the Constitution requires. Incredibly, Iran is Al-Queda biggest enemy. So we attacked Al-Queda in 2002, and now without any authority the US may attack Iran, the exact opposite of our original enemy of 2002. Corzine/JP Morgan steals MFGlobal's customers segregated precious metals accounts. Stocks held in street name ready to be stolen by NY Banksters. And I'm called a perennial candidate. Maybe there is a reason. Like this country is perennially corrupt and the only candidates elected are those financed by NY Banksters.


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