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Not to attack you personally

Not to attack you personally but it seems to me that what little knowledge you appear to have on the subject comes from media fear-mongering or just misinformation. You're fed from such a young age false facts and opinions about drugs and addicts that you adopt them as your own without any first hand experience. I'm not saying there isn't a dark side to addiction but the robbing and murdering you refer to, in my experience, is just not happening the way you portray it. The "war on drugs", as more and more politicians are realizing, is a complete failure. Prohibition does not work. All it does is create more crime and a black market where violence and gangs are the reality. But the truth is that the average heroin users are white suburban kids selling their x-box games to game stop to get drug money. If you don't agree with drug use, if you think its evil and wrong, that's fine. You have the right to be offended by it, however you should not have the right to stop me from doing it simply because YOU don't like it. I have been using heroin for years, I am a college graduate, have a career as an engineer, served my county in a war, and I am not the exception. I don't blame you for you're reasoning by the way, just do some research on the subject and form you're own opinions instead of reciting what you think you're supposed to say.


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