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Re: "society of laws"

Where is the “mob” Mr. Commonsense? From what I've been told the mob is what owns Titan. Peaceful, legal demonstration, speaking up for what you believe, makes someone or a group of people a mob? Why does Titan and it's supporters such as yourself never state a truthful, verifiable fact? You just make generalizations geared toward casting someone else in a bad light. The current laws you claim to know so much about do not guarantee you a victory. This process is not over. Investigations will answer questions about public leaders whom have refused to answer questions about how this whole process has come about. And don't forget you still have to clear the County Commissioners and get the Special Use Permit. After returning the 4.5 million dollars in incentives to avoid an environmental study, I hope your not counting on the Commissioners not realizing you are no longer required to hire local people. And your threat of lawsuits if you don't get your way? Bring them on. This whole process started over the promise of jobs, and you now have wormed your way out of that obligation. With an industry as nasty as yours, this project would have never gotten a seconds worth of consideration without the promise of jobs. It shouldn't have gotten any consideration anyway. 160 jobs, or less than 1% of the unemployment rate for New Hanover County, the down side of your industry is just not worth it. Keep on with your disparaging comments, the people that have common sense can and will see right thru you.


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