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Re: Poll

WWAY'S own poll

Are you happy that the state approved an air quality permit for Titan Cement to build a new plant in Castle Hayne?
NewsYes, we need the new jobs.
25% (339 votes)
No, I feel the plant will hurt the environment.
74% (1020 votes)
Don't know / Don't care
1% (17 votes)
Total votes: 1376

This poll shows just under a 3 to 1 margin against Titan.

I know we need jobs in our area. I know there are people desperately trying to find work. I have asked Titan publicly to list these jobs. I have sent e-mails to their website asking for this information. I asked for job titles, qualifications necessary to be hired for these jobs, how much these jobs will pay, and what the benefit packages will be? Titan refuses to answer.
These are the facts: The cement industry is down worldwide. People are being layed off world wide. By Titan's information reported in the newspaper, their plant in Florida is operating @ approximately 35% of capacity. Why build a new plant in this economic environment? Before this recession, our area experienced a building boom that had never been seen before. I know many people in the building industry, and not a single one ever complained about not being able to get cement! This plant was not needed then, why now?
Cement plants cause pollution. Everyone can argue till they are blue in the face about amounts, problems caused/not caused, but they do add pollution. This plant will use massive amounts of water, which will add additional strain to the aquifer. The area where this plant will be built is already the 2nd most polluted in the state. Titan returned 4.5 million dollars in incentives. The return of this money eliminated Titan being required to hire local people. With qualified people layed off at other plants, Titan's refusal to list the jobs/requirements, do you really think there will be many jobs offered to the people of our area? I think qualified workers will be transferred here.
The cement industry is having problems worldwide finding places that will allow them to build plants. They are desperate to find somewhere that will allow them to expand. This issue is not about a company that wants to become a good neighbor, it is about a company desperately trying to find a place that will allow their pollution, excessive water usage, for the illusion of a few jobs. Otherwise, it does not make sense to expand an industry that is laying off workers.


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