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Re Jobs

Before the recession hit, this area experienced a building boom that was unprecedented. I know many people in the building industry, and I never remember any of them complaining about not being able to get cement/concrete in a timely manner. Now, in this recession, with demand down, people being layed off, a brand new cement plant is needed? I have always thought that during a recession that businesses streamlined their operations to survive until better times. With layoffs happening world wide in Titan's plants, the new business strategy is to spend millions building a new plant that wasn't even necessary in the boom years? I am sure that Titan's currently layed off workers are thrilled that the company can no longer afford to keep them on the payroll, but can spend millions of dollars to build a new plant. This sounds like an employer that you can count on to provide stable employment for you and your family's future. Also, take into consideration that most corporations fill jobs with qualified displaced/layed off workers, before hiring new workers that will require training. When Titan returned the 4.5 million dollars in incentives, they not only avoided an environmental study, they also removed the stipulation that they would be required to hire local people. All this new pollution, all this dissent in the community, all the games Titan has played, all the questions Titan refuses to answer in a public forum, are jobs........even imaginary ones.


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