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better get the whole story

better get the whole story before you start marching for may turn out like the lacross case. get your naacp leaders down here to to stoke the fire then leave, where were they at when the lacross case turned south on them and the women lied??????? ya dont hear bout that. what about the white boy that was set on fire last week as his mother watched by black thugs at a gas station. where is the outrage on that???????? just a white boy died, not enough drama on that one i guess! the blacks want someone charged , thrown in jail whether or not any evidence backs up the charge! now what sense does that make??? these hoodies are often associated with thugs! that is just a known fact, not fiction. if it looks like a thug, walks like a thug, acts like a thug, well it probably wants to be or is a thug!! be careful who you take up for before saying Trayvon was an angel. why was he in a gated community anyway where he did not live?? a cup of tea and skittles look the same as a weapon in the dark!!


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