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Justice and the Law

”We need something to happen to show us our children are safe, no matter what color they are,” said Roxanne Kirtright, who helped organize the rally."

Well, here it is. Teach your children, all children, that living the "thug lifestyle" has no future.

By all eyewitness accounts, Mr. Zimmerman followed the law. He was attacked by a man that had already bought into the stupid "ghetto code" of "what you looking at" and "you got a problem". The big mistake was his, in believing that the intended victim was vulnerable. That was a big miscalculation on Trayvon's part.

His 2 twitter accounts show he was a thug in training. His NO_LIMIT_NI@@ER handle proves it. If the "N" word is so horrible, why was it ok for him to use it.

His graffiti, truancy, burglar tools, assaulting a bus driver, stolen jewelery were all milestones in his quest to be exactly what got him killed.

This is not about justice. It's the Duke lacrosse case all over again.
Where were all these protesters when Crystal Mangum was found out to be a liar? Did they march and demand "justice" for the defendants that were framed by the DA to sooth black feelings, and further his reelection?

"It's been more than a month since Trayvon Martin's tragic death, and new details from the investigation continue to surface." Your absolutely right. New details about Trayvon and the kind of man he was.

It wasn't tragic, it was predictable. Sooner or later, he was going to acost a citizen or fellow "hoodie", that was armed.

All this could have been avioded if he had continued to WALK AWAY.

But that doesn't get you street cred!


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