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What if

If he was white, there would be no protest, his name would be forgotten and the NAACP (n**ros against all Caucasian people) would not be involved.
The very actions of protesters are racist in nature…
Did you see the shirt that said to “kill the p*s** a** cracker” I mean really? Dude is Hispanic.. How’s he a cracker, or crackah or whatever…
Sharpton and Jackson are the biggest racists in our society and are standing beside the black panthers, an uneducated wanna-be mafia crime syndicate who has turned into the biggest racist group calling for riots and the killing of whites…. (again.. dude was Hispanic) That’s not racist? This whole thing reeks with racism and hatred of blacks towards whites….
That’s why there weren’t many people at your little black pantha’ party yesterday in Wilmington….
While Wilmington has had its share of racism, riots and hatred that was many years ago and the majority of all people of all color in this city respect one another and do not share the racist views of those in Florida.

FOr the record, I am a proud man of color...


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