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Right Wing Haters?

Why would you think that we HATE right-wingers? We LOVE right-wingers. And, we FAR out-weigh and out-smart you dummies who believe JUST ABOUT ANYTHING that you hear on the NEWS.

At least WE are consistently right! We don't fly by the seat of our pants, with our fingers to the wind to determine what day it is, or jump on ANY HATE-Mongering band wagon just to FOLLOW the Pied Piper.
But since you are Challenging us,you may want to control yourself, because we will let you have it. Remember, it isn't too late for you, you can work real hard, earn a lot of money, share in the AMERICAN dream and make it as a right-wing American someday.
Then, and only then will you be able to make up your OWN mind and have the confidence to elaborate about some of your OWN values, mores and beliefs. At that time, you will shout "OBAMA'S POLICIES SUCK" from the rooftops! And, You have Ms. GOP and Guest 2012 permission to leave your Cap key stuck on when you come to your senses and are able to articulate anything other than nonsense about SMART Americans.


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