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What does a march calling

What does a march calling for law & order vs. vigilante justice have to do with liberals or conservatives? These people are simply wanting a complete and transparent investigation of a fatal shooting of an unarmed teenager by a neighborhood watch "captain," rather than it being swept under the rug, as it apears the local PD did in Florida.

I personally don't see how an armed person pursuing an unarmed kid minding his own business can claim self defense. Sounds like the neighborhood watch guy is the one who instigated the confrontation. A jury really ought to decide this one, instead of the police just letting it go, which is what they were doing before the parents went to the media. Amazing what they did when no one was watching. Now that the world is paying attention, law enforcement is apparently conducting investigation at the local, state, and federal levels.

What would all the gun rights conservatives say they would do if they were the ones being pursued by an armed man? In my mind, they would have shot the armed neighborhood watch guy and claimed they were defending themselves. This dead teenager may very well have been defending himself. However, he only had a box of skittles and jar of tea against a guy with a gun.

It is only because of the public uproar, like the march here in Wilmington, that the authorities are taking a serious look at this shooting. Why are you finding fault with this, and blaming it on the liberals. I would think that people of any political party would want this thouroughly investigated. Or do you simply think it's ok to shoot black kids because they look suspicious?


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