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First of all the police

First of all the police video was not taken "several hours" after the incident but just a little over an hour. As for Zimmerman's so-called "head wounds," I don't know if you've ever suffered a head wound such as Zimmerman claimed he sustained, but those things bleed like you would not believe and EMS alone may well have been unable to stop the bleeding. If his head had been banged on the pavement the way his family is claiming, he would have been taken to the hospital. And even if you allow for that, he would have had BANDAGES ON HIS HEAD. No bandages, no blood, no wounds.

"Self defense" MY ASS. That bastard got out of his car and HUNTED DOWN an unarmed kid AFTER THE 911 DISPATCHER TOLD HIM SPECIFICALLY NOT TO FOLLOW HIM.

Do your homework next time before you spew more nonsense.


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