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Falling & blown out of Trucks

First, My TOTAl condolances too the Family of the 17 year Old.
It was a absolute trady/accident.. period.

For those saying tie down matterises' etc.. Let me suggest...
WALKING across the CFMB at the center span..
ON a CALM day... As your walking along the "rail" you will notice the Harmonic/wave(s) walking in that part of the Span,, IT BOUNCES...
you'll feel like your in a small boat in the ocean.. BOUNCING, I've had to "grab" the rails as 18 Wheeled trucks cross, as they WILL bounce you almost off the side railing, (where you can walk & cross).
Coupled with wind, even Walking across this bridge, your putting yourself at "Mercy " & Nature... I know, I've walked across numerious times. As well as ridden across, once on mattress's & such, TIEed down in the back of a truck, as this young Man was doing.. I myself was almost blown out then Myself. With "Light" SW 10~15 MPH winds. I learned My lesson LOoong ago, riding in the back of trucks..1986
Riding in the back, with the "Cab" full, I was forced to ride in the bed... The driver, coming towards the Bridge, came upon the corner,curb,coming up onto before running up the bridge, @ 70 MPH, throwing Me out the side, as I tried to hold on, trying to climb back into the bed, the rear tire grabbed me by my left foot, "yanking me out of the truck"..The driver/passenger(s) never knew, until they looked back and i wasn't there.. Turning around finding Me along side of the road.., Thinking I just had "road Rash" they went on "Partying" until they realized I wouldn't wake up. My left arm the size of a basketball because of internal bleeding..They then took Me to NHMH. Thankfully, i wasn't run over.. I was 25 then, sometimes STILL i wish I never survived, becoming a Amputee, that suffers from Phamptom pains/attacks every DAY of My life, unable to use a Prostesis, suffering from "Later" pains in places long thought healed and a messed up back. Many of you Wilmington people have MET & seen Me before, working on your car or truck.. Or Commerical Fishing.. I worked harder than most, yet I was told, "I was *expendable*, because of employers feeling sorry for Me".eg WORSLY Co.& Precision Tune. * OR DMF* (Division of Marine Fisheries), "tageting" Me, because I busted My azz, bringing in the same amount of "catch"regular people did, despite being a Amputee, accused of doing "Illegal" things, resulting in the Loss of My commerical Fishing License?Because I had the DRIVE, to PROVE Myself, amongst others..To provide for My 2 Daughters, a Single Parent, I HAD at one time something to prove, but NO more...
Doing so just, in my later years, (I'm now 50), has brought PAIN in My body EVERY DAY of My life.. Some days, I just want to *end it*...Thankfully, I have a "compassionate" Doc, that realizes My "history" plus numerious MRI's, x-rays, (yes i "glow"), prescribing Me medication to get by on my worst days..
I was LUCKY, remember a few years back, the feller thrown out of a Truck Bed moving at 25MPH and DIED... At Carolina Beach..
I PRAY this young Man didn't suffer... He is in the Lord's arms now.. I thank the Lord He will NOT/or would not be put through, jobs and socitey, women, interviews, looking at you with "disgust", etc, etc.. As I have, If He had lived..
RIP Young feller, I pray for you...In addition......
How many times on "commutes" across this Bridge you've seen "derbis" furniture, etc that has been "blown off" trucks etc, coming either way off the bridge?Even "tied down"????? More than once I bet..
Though, NOT being part of the nanny state, be safe people, have a strap/rope whatever, to keep you "secured", in advent of a tragic accident, it shouldn't be "law" but, please, USE COMMON SENSE.
I don't wish ANYONE to live life as I have, after being thrown out of a truck, and "surviving" .....Peace,


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