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Once again I am truly amazed by the Human Race!! You all should be ashamed of yourselves... How dare you attack this situation. I was there on the bridge administering CPR to this boy who by the way could have been anyone of our kids.... But to Viciously Attack these parents at such a tragic time you should be ashamed of yourselves!!!!!! To be on that bridge was absolutely horrible it was a tragic accident, at first I was also appalled by the situation Why was he in the back of that truck, He is in the states care, Why did it have to happen, Why wasn't there anything that they could have done to prevent this,Why couldn't I do more to bring him back???? Why Dear Lord Why?? To the Parents I am so so so Sorry this happened to your son, He was not on the bridge long before people arrived, seconds actually,He did not suffer!! and he was with people who cared prior to his passing and during his passing we did everything we could considering the circumstances. To everyone who loved Frank I extend my sorrow and condolences. To all of you negative hateful people REALLY get a F@%$ing Life and again put yourself in someone elses shoes before you open your mouth, we are talking about a boy, a son, a friend, a HUMAN BEING for crying out loud! There is truly a lesson to be learned from all of this.... Not one of us is promised tomorrow Cherish everyone and everyday! Thank You Frank for refreshing my memory on that RIP Young Brother!!!!!!!


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