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Scary Bats

I know bats are great for the environment and all that, but when you have to live with them in your house, they creep you out!

My sister had bats in her attic for several years. She was told she couldn't kill them because there was a law against it. Sometimes they would get out of the attic and dive bomb her in the kitchen, or the hallway, or her bedroom. Once, they even dropped into a pot of stew that she had uncovered on the stove, she put the lid back on, not noticing the bat was in the stew, and put it on the table. Imagine her family's shock when they sat down to eat and she took the lid off the pot of "bat" stew! It totally ruined everyone's appetite. Finally, she found someone who used some kind of wire to string across the opening where the bats were leaving her house at dusk every evening, and that prevented them from coming back. I heard a few weeks later that the bats had moved to a house a few blocks down.

I'm glad they kills mosquitos, but I really hate bats! They're so scary!


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