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Davis and Catlin - how do you even stand erect?

I'm absolutely amazed that politicians can discard principles as quickly and easily as they would discard a paper cup. Absolutely NOTHING changed in this debate. The money will be used for women who are too stupid, too lazy, or too irresponsible to use one of the several birth control methods already available to them. That was stated quite clearly as the original justification, and is still the basic, underlying truth.

The only thing that changed is that Davis and Catlin can't take the heat and stand behind what they so loudly proclaimed just a few weeks ago. Those "mean ol' girls" came after them, and the boys ran scared. (Ladies, enjoy your victory. You will ALWAY triumph over wimps.)

Interesting to note that "man-most-hated" Jason Thompson and "crazier-than-a-loon" Brian Berger managed to stand up to the pressure and stand by their convictions. Perhaps they are the only commissioners who possess convictions.

So in addition to losing my vote and more importantly, my fianncial support, Davis and Catlin can rest comfortable in the knowledge that they did their part in proliferating the believe that people need not have any concept of personal responsibility, that society must carry them and compensate for their sloth.

When an indigent woman is too lazy to show up for her Depro shot, too careless to remember to take her pill, too stupid to carry condoms for when the Mister Right d'jour comes along, and just can't bring herself to say, "No," Uncle Ted and Uncle Rick will be there to take care of her!

Ted Davis said that the original vote was due to a lack of information.

It's painfully obvious that this vote was due to a lack of backbone....


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