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"This is grant money, free money"

"if you knew anything about this specific incident, you would know it's not your "tax dollars paying for this", as your heading suggests. This is grant money, free money, given to the health department because of outstanding performance."

Great, where's my "free money" for a new BMW?

I want some "free money" so I can get a nicer "free house".

"I'm trying really hard to respect you, but your moronic statement is making it difficult."

Where does this "free money" come from? The "free money" fairy?
Maybe it's a golden goose?

Using your "brain" would mean taking care of your needs without taxpayers giving away "free money".

I'm sorry, but I can't respect you at all if you really think this money is "free". I guess if you don't have to pay for it, other peoples tax dollars are considered free to you.

THERE IS NO FREE MONEY WHEN IT COMES TO GOVT PROGRAMS! Think about it, it's only free to the ones taking it out of "TAX DOLLARS THAT ARE USED FOR GRANTS".

Your thinking is exactly why this country is in debt up to our ears.

Before you call people MORONS, you should know of what you speak.


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