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Thank you Das...

...and while I had not mentioned non-latex condoms, your point simply strengthens my argument that we already have numerous methods to prevent pregnancy, and the perpetually broke state need not spend another half-million we can't afford.

It's not really about contraception, however. It's about adding another facet to the never-ending festival of coddling and carrying the worthless societal leeches. What's next: If they don't like living in public housing, do we rent a house on the beach for them?

However, in the spirit of compromise, I'm willing to accept paying for IUDs as long as we fit EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM with IUDs. The day they apply for TANF, an EBT card, or any form of public assistance, we fit them with an IUD.

The best "War on Poverty" is doing everything we can to discourage the poor from producing the next generation of poor.


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