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you forfeited your right to complain by not voting

"No one will ever take away Americans right to vote, except Americans, and they do this by chosing not to vote" FDR

"by chosing not to choose you still have made a choice" RUSH

all the candidates and the president might be full of crap, but you have not right to complain if you did not participate in the process. Voting is the one right that I hold dearest and you insult me, your country and anyone who has fought to protect our freedoms by not voting. People here in the US and all over the world have fought and died for this right that you so heartlessly disregard

Apathy is our problem in America, you show how apathic you are by not voting, if you do not like the candidates write "Daffy Duck" in the spot for fill in candidate, at least you voted and took part in what makes America great.


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