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This event was a poorly planned fiasco

The parking situation was a completely Charlie Foxtrot. The general public had to scramble to find parking that wasnt anywhere near the event because it was held at the Student Events Center. Handicapped Parking was an even bigger fiasco as there was non available and it seemed UNCW has their own requirements for HC parking that the general public doesnt need to abide by (Saw zero legitimate HC parking placards or plates on cars parked in these spots which should have been automatic and should have been available to anybody with a legitimate HC placard not just students). The venue was obviously way too small as hundreds were turned away due to spacing in which WPD, UNCWPD, Secret Service,NHCSO and whatever other Law Enforcement agency chose to show up well surpassing any necessary security for a venue of barely 300 people not to mention the media. Leaving maybe 2/3s if they were lucky for public/students and other UNCW folks to be able to join the event. I dont know whos is to blame be in UNCW or Gingrinch's staff but it was a complete fiasco for those who wanted to attend. If it did fall on campaign staff its no wonder Newt has been able to get any traction with this kind of incompetent staffing and planning its hard to get any traction.


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