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Y U So Angry ??

I would like to make a quick couple of comments regarding this post. 1) You imply the media took up 1/3 of the room, which is completely false. The media that I saw present were all standing with their cameras and not using any seats. Just because you are upset that things didn't go 100% perfectly for you doesn't mean you should make up facts to make a what was a good event sound bad. 2)This was student organization sponsored event (not going to mention which one). Renting out Lumina Theater is 100% free to student organizations and doesn't require much in terms of time or paperwork to do so. Renting out some of the larger venues such as Kenan Auditorium or Trask requires loads of paperwork, insurance, money, and it's simply just a royal pain to do so. Given the fact that most student organizations are privately funded through its members and this event was not a fundraiser that would naturally cover any cost, it's reasonable to understand why they held it at Lumina. 3)It's my understanding that UNCW does give students with handicaps special tags that allow them to park in privileged lots, such as faculty lots. For instance, I have a disabled student and she is allowed to park in the same lot that as I due to her disability. However, there are still plenty of handicap spots in the area of the venue and you didn't get one because you got there too late and they were all full (common sense, duh!)4)Judging by your post and the fact that you complained about parking implies to me that you are not a student or faculty on campus. Had this actually been a UNCW sponsored event (which it was not because state law require campaign events on campus to be sponsored by a student organization), chances are is they would have reserved parking for the public. I see 'Reserved for Event' parking signs quite often on campus. Just so you know in the future, anytime you try to come to an event on campus during business hours, come early because parking on campus is truly a pain and EXTREMELY limited if any at all. Even during normal days without events, it is extremely difficult to find parking, especially in these heavily populated parts of campus. Parking is however much more friendly in the evening. 5) And one last thing, I don't know if you got into the event or not, but this is a Presidential candidate we are talking about. You should have known there would be a lot of people and space would likely be limited. I got there an hour and a half before the event started and there was already a long line. So if you didn't get in, don't try and stick the blame on someone else because you got there too late. I will only agree with you on one thing and that is the advertisement of the event was very poor considering that no one knew about it until the day before and that is likely both the student organization and the campaign's fault. Other than that, it was a really good event and I'm happy I got my pic taken with Newt!! :-)


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