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Four words: pompous,

Four words: pompous, arrogant, immoral, blowhard.

How he can claim to be socially conservative is beyond me. From what I understand, he was censured by the House for ethics violations, is on wife # 3, and had extramarital affairs while married to both of the 2 previous wives. This is not exactly compatible with the Conservative Christian beliefs he claims to uphold.

That and he tells Floridians he wants to colonize the moon. With our budget deficit where it is, proposing such an endeavor is completely irrational from a fiscal point of view - or maybe he was blatantly pandering to the crowd and is a complete liar. Take your choice.

In my opinion, he irrelevant to the race as it stands now and I have to wonder why he is still campaigning. He would be a poor choice for president even if there is a brokered convention. He would never get enough votes from women, moderates, or independents to be able to beat Obama. He's just too polarizing.


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