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Forced annexation to those

Forced annexation to those of us who chose to live outside of the city limits for various reasons doesn't quite seem fair to me. Some of us specifically bought homes in the MJ area, to live outside the city limits and are now to be forced in? What if the opposite were tried? What if some of the areas within the city limits were determined to be of no value, or detrimental to the value of the city? Is it okay to "annex" them out? I realize that sounds absurd, but for some of us, that's how it seems. The city has decided a "certain" area would be beneficial to them financially so they just go out and take it? The MJ area has grown to where it is a self sufficient area. We have all the amenities of the city. Our own restaurants, stores, home improvements, everything but a mall. So of course the city wants us annexed in now. We will bring huge revenue!
Yes-The city should be able to grow, but not at the expense of others. The city needs to learn to live within its budget and stop reaching out to grab up areas that don't belong to it just so it can reap the rewards of tax revenues.


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