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Message to the City and an Idiot

Since your hand picked, 11th hour appointed judge saw fit to overturn the will of the people, and even though it is under appeal, the city decided to annex Monkey Junction before the appeal is decided, I hope the legislature will do the following: Make forced annexation against the law. Make satellite annexation against the law. Make radius laws against the law. Allow anyone that was forcefully annexed to vote themselves out of the city with a simple majority. Pass a law allowing only one zoning board per county, and it is controlled by the county. That way the government that has the best interest of all the citizens will make these decisions.
It is way past time for cities such as Wilmington, Mayor Saffo and City Council to be put in their proper place. Being elected to office does not give you the right to trample the will of the people. After the legislature gets done spanking you, why don't you do the right thing and resign? You are supposed to be public servants, not dictators serving themselves and special interest.
One last thing, the argument that cities have to expand or die is bogus. If this is true, Wilmington would die after it annexed all of the unincorporated areas left in New Hanover County, because there would be nothing left to conquer. This issue is about a Mayor and City Council that is out of control, and I am happy that the folks in Raleigh are going to put them in their place. Beachbum, why don't you move? Your zeal to rubberstamp anything the government wants to do is tiresome. Can the Mayor or Odom move without your nose up their..........ssssses?????


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