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No, Beach Bum, you have it

No, Beach Bum, you have it all wrong. When a business grows it BUYS more land, buildings and equipment. When a family grows it BUYS a larger house. Neither TAKE from their neighbors.

The City's argument is hollow. It claims to be paying the bills for the folks in the county but has yet to provide any real proof of the value it claims to provide.

All annexation will acomplish is the lining of politician's pockets with the fruits of the labors of others while NOT providing any real benefit to them. I am moreover worried that MJ businesses will cut hiring and raise prices to cover the anticipated increase in real estate taxes if this annexation debacle comes to pass.

Not only will MJ property owners face a doubling in taxation, this increase in taxation will bid down the prices of their already value diminished properties.

This article was written five years ago and remains true today:

In conclusion, Beach Bum, yes, there is plenty of money here. Money to be EARNED, not politically wrangled away.


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