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He certainly is facing a hard row to hoe

He's facing the same problem against Rouzer that he faced in 2010 against McIntyre: When your political beliefs are so similar, it's hard to find issues to campaign on. 2010's campaign hinged on "He has a "D" behind his name and so does Nancy Pelosi."

This "immigration issue" against Rouzer is a tempest in a teapot. The simple fact is that this country NEEDS migrant farm labor and currently, many of them are here illegally because it's simply so easy to be here illegally. However, it's a totally separate issue from illegals entering urban areas with the intention to live here permanently and collect benefits. Pantano's attempt to link the two is weak, at best.

The simple fact is that we probably need half or more of the illegals that are currently here to provide migrant and cheap labor. No one can provide an accurate assessment of that need because the government hasn't even looked at the issue.

Instead of distorting Rouzer's record, Ilario should develop a workable plan to seal the Southern border and manage the number of people allowed here on work permits.


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