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Pantano as I see him

I suppose most of the people who dislike Mr. Pantano would volunteer to protect this country as he has. The men he killed (legal or not; I was not there) would probably turn on this country for a few bucks as the rest of the world has done. Personally I am tired of supporting the world while our own country goes without. I have been over to third world countries and seen how they help each other. They don't period. Look at the pictures of Haiti for example; the people giving are the ones doing the work. They are carrying the bags of rice, water, etc. while the people it is meant for sit on their behinds and watch waiting for the handouts to begin. I am so terribly tired of supporting the world (part of this country included) with money I personally worked for and seeing the very same people with county vouchers (plastic cards) driving new vehicles, having cell phones, and living the life of a person who actually earned the right to do so! People you better wake up before the ones who earned these rights are doing without because our great minds in politics have given it away (in their name) and no one has anything. No politician is right all the time but lets try to let the ones who have earned the right to represent us do so. At least give them a chance; if they don't produce throw them out>>>>>>>>>>>>


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