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I think the funniest posts on this thread....

...are the ones trying to claim that George Bush is responsible for our current high gas prices. My God, even the White House hasn't reached for that one!

Perhaps I'm missing something here, because while I've studied Economics in depth, I never studied whako, nutso, bizzaro-world Economics.

Now, keep in mind that I've never been a fan of George Bush because of his insane spending and total incompetence as commander-in-chief. So if you want to make charges that he destroyed the nation's economy, I won't even waste time trying to point out that you're wrong, and the crash of 2008 had been building for many, many years. You can bad-mouth George Bush all you want to.

But if you truly believe he destroyed our economy, how in the world would a severe recession, high unemployment, and the accompanying reduced fuel usage lead to higher fuel prices?

When Bush left office, gasoline was under $2.00 gallon. The price has almost doubled since that time.

Please, Bush-blamers, tell us how George Bush is impacting fuel prices over three years after he left office!

Now, while this is certainly not the sole cause, and is actually only a tangential cause with some negative impact, also answer if you think Obama cancelling, recinding, and delaying approval on Gulf Coast leases to the tune of cutting several hundred thousand barrels of production each day might have some effect on prices.

You folks MUST stop allowing your politics to override your brains.


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