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Titan Has A Lot To Be Proud Of

Titan operates a lot like our government, bait and switch, put out statements designed to divide the public. This prevents them from having to answer questions themselves. It took Titan approx. one year to file the lawsuit from the time the statements were made. Either their reading and interpretation skills are lacking and extremely slow, or this was a well thought out plan to remove the focus from the plant being built. Like a bully that finally gets punched in the nose, Titan went and “cried” to the courts. A multi-billion dollar corporation, too intimidated to make a phone call to two citizens to resolve a dispute. If these statements were so terrible as to result in a lawsuit, why did it take you a year to become upset? If Titan plans to resolve all of its problems with lawsuits, our courts will be plenty busy. May-be this is where all the extra jobs they speak of will come from. Titan plays this controversy like a poker player holding a royal flush, smug and sure of themselves. May-be you feel there are enough chips in play to secure your victory, but understand you are going to be fought every step of the way. As far as this air permit you are so proud of, the division of air quality has never turned one down. What a compelling victory this was. Hope you are proud of yourselves, because this lawsuit just shows how petty your corporation is. Big surprise that Bob Odom chose not to make a statement, he never speaks without a script, and refuses to ever answer any questions in public, even when a County Commissioner makes the request. People with nothing to hide have nothing to fear. Enjoy your victory cigar, this lawsuit is something you should really be proud of.


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