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Guest MD do really believe the rhetoric you are spouting off about? You clearly have no clue about and live so far out of touch with reality you should seek professional counseling at the earlist convience.

I find you condescending demeanor of chasing dollars for a mere living wage extremely offensive. I also find it offensive that you a supposingly a professional medical expert and the other so called concerned father and doctor would use your posture and position as so called professionals in a manner that would cause panic or disdain. The licensing board for North Carolina should review both of your actions and demeanor as trusted members of soceity as soon as possible. You are not allowed to render such opinions or act in said manner because you are held to a higher standard of conduct.

By the way, I could of spent hours upon hours researching and posting numbers and statistics, but what would be the point. The elite crowd in Wilmington tend to drive politics in the area. But bear in mind, you can twist numbers and statisical data anyway you want to show what information you want. I can die driving a car, but should I not drive anymore?

So, I say to you and the Stop Titan movement. This is an outrage. Your conduct is highly unprofessional. Your theories and ideas are perposterous. Your intentions are highly questionable and should be regarded as suspect.

It is easy for you to render such judgment when money is not an issue. I am sure you are more than capable of providing for you and your family through your practices. Which, I hope, go away because of your actions and conduct. If you truly believe in medicine and the premise of the Hippocratic oath, then you should be practicing medicine for free. Don't piss up my back and tell me it is not raining.


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