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Things like the disaster in

Things like the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico can not happen in the United States. The government always does what is best for all the people! So.......What the hell happened? With trillions of dollars profit in the bank, a dead man valve on the sea floor was deemed too expensive and unnecessary. This disaster will be felt for many years to come. Peoples livelihoods changed/destroyed forever. Why? So a foreign corporation can profit at our expense! This example of profit ahead of everything else is a curse that will keep on cursing. Big government + big corporations = screwed citizens. Castle Hayne, North Carolina has a chance to learn from this. Look to Alexandria, Egypt to see how Titan operates when no controls and regulations are in place. Check and see how much money has been spent by Titan lobbying Congress to reduce and eliminate pollution controls in this country. Check and see who is behind the push in North Carolina to reduce and eliminate pollution controls. Now tell me Titan cares about anything other than Titan, just like another foreign corporation that destroyed the Gulf of Mexico 2 years ago. The mess in the Gulf is a reality, the only recourse is to continue the clean-up. Titan can be prevented. Titan's pollution does not have to happen. Titan's massive water usage that will probably cripple the aquifer that thousands depend on for their water does not have to happen. All the citizens have to do is stand up and say no. Demand action from elected officials. Get involved, or, you can be like an ostrich.......stick your head in a hole and wait for others to solve the problem. If so, don't forget what is still stuck in the air to be shot off...............................and you can depend on the government to look out for your best interest, just like they did in the Gulf of Mexico.


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