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I'm sorry, but you're wrong

I'm sorry, but you're wrong about the convention center. The convention center loses money every year. This last year it was down about $3M I believe. Saffo completely agrees with this and doesn't dispute the numbers when asked; however, the exact figures are hardly ever put to him in a public setting.

The reason the convention center is not drawing from the general fund, yet, is that there is a special convention center fund for it. It has about $11M in it; last year it had $14M. Seeing a trend? The city's own numbers have shown the convention center going fully into the red by 2020. Now, in some new model they show it going further into the red for a few years then suddenly, magically rebounding into the black around 2020. I've asked the city what magical event happens at that time to suddenly make the Convention Center suddenly profitable, but I've received no answer. I've asked at least twice and the first time was two months ago.

The convention center, like the overwhelming majority of publicly-funded convention centers across the country, is, I predict, not going to be profitable and will within a decade or less be drawing from the general fund. That's the only thing to conclude from the trend lines.

For more information and links to actual documents showing what you're looking for, not just city propaganda pieces, go here for an intro:


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