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"- with the reevaluation of property values there's a chance they could raise taxes, yet you still would pay the same if not less in taxes than you did last year"

HUH!? THIS statement makes NO just don't know what your talking about or how the tax works.

"- with all of the business that would be built around the ballpark, it would raise the value of the land and help to revitalize the area of town that it is in"

WRONG...can you GUARANTEE that!? "ALL of the business"...LOL

"- it makes absolutely ZERO sense for this to be built with private only funds. Let's be serious, the way this needs to be handled is that the city breaks even on the ball park."

It has been proven and shown with ballparks ALL ACROSS THE COUNTRY that the city will NOT break even and it will be FURTHER SUBSIDIZED by the taxpayers...IF this is such a GREAT venture being privately funded shouldn't be an issue...people should be knocking the doors down to get in!


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