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What are the costs of the bins with and without RFID? What is the cost of having driver's use the hand clickers, and what is the value of the information that is gained by the RFID BEYOND what we know now by current methods of data collection?

The rational seems to be that some people are paying for service although the city takes the bin away. Doesn't the person have an incentive to report such things themselves, thus negating the need for the RFID? (Who wants to pay a bill for a service not being rendered?)

Also, stated as justification is the ability to track which neighborhoods are recycling. This rational seems to fail, because low tech, presumably less expensive, alternatives exist. What's wrong with the hand clickers? (This is never explained. Is it expensive, inaccurate?)

In the context of a city which hasn't given employees a raise in nearly 5 years and has deficits in maintenance operations, this seems like an expense which can be cut or, an attempt to gradually introduce the technology to impose fines (although denied) without causing too much controversy.


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