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First of all, your

First of all, your capitalization of "Him" and "His" when referring to Raiford Trask is creepy. I must have missed the memo that stated that he was deified.

Second, you are a complete coward. You routinely use your fake name and make personal attacks on me completely unprovoked. I don't know if I stole your lunch money in 3rd grade or accidentally changed lanes without signaling in front of you or what - but it's really pathetic. You exemplify "cyber courage" - use a fake screen name, and hurl provocations and insults at people directly, knowing full well that if you met them face to face, you wouldn't dare be so brazen. Your obsession with me is really strange, and you may want to seek medical and/or psychological attention. I don't know if you are even capable of submitting a comment without calling me out by name, but you are clearly of such limited intellect, that you think that trying to take blind potshots and feeble attempts to discredit me somehow boosts your position that taxpayers should pony up the cash so that Rich Neumann, Bill Saffo, and Bobby Cox can laugh all the way to the bank.

Those of you who support taxpayers paying for the stadium are wasting time - you should be embracing the new reality that our petition WILL succeed, and you should figure out a way to come up with a lot of private money to build this thing if you want it so bad.

Adults who cross their arms and stomp their feet and say "I WANT! GIMME GIMME GIMME!" is a really sad sight. You ridicule and insult those very people who are forced to pay the taxes that you want to pay for your playground. But none of you are willing to put your own money where your mouth is.

We do not oppose baseball or stadiums. Our beef is with the taxpayer funding of this. Figure out a way to have it 100% privately funded, and all opposition will cease. Until then, we will continue on, and we will succeed. The people of Wilmington will have the final say, as it should have been with all of these boondoggles that have been shoved down our throats. We are sick of it.


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